Whatmakes Prima Apples so extraordinary?

See how we control quality standards from orchard to the shelf

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Qualified nursery materials
We strictly select apple varieties that you love.

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Carefully chosen location
We believe in sustainable farming
and proper site management

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Integrated fruit production
We limit the use of chemicals and implement
alternative pest control techniques.

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Unique proportions of acids and sugars
Thanks to extreme temperature changes
between days and nights in autumn.

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Careful manual harvest
During precisely determined period of time
based on the quality of apples.

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Analysis and monitoring
We take samples to check the proper internal
quality parameters of our apples.

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Long-term storage
In ULO – ultra low oxygen cold stores to deliver
fresh fruit throughout the year.

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Sorting, packing and labeling
For the purpose of captivating appearance, protection
and clear traceability of our products.

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Final dispatch and delivery
In the shortest possible time.