Quality confirmed

Ideal soil, sunlight and humidity are not the only factors that affect the taste and appearance of our fruit. Only when we add our many years of experience and passion with which we approach our crops, a product we can be proud of emerges – apples of the highest quality, which is confirmed by the certificates we have received.

See what the whole process of producing our fruit looks like.


1. Working in an orchard

The care for producing quality fruit begins in the orchard. From the moment the first fruits appear, our growers continuously monitor their growth and condition.
Thanks to the method of Integrated Production, we can naturally prevent external factors and use biological plant protection agents which are safe for the environment, human health and beneficial organisms.

During the ripening of the fruit, orchard owners regularly make cuttings that expose the apples to obtain a beautiful coloration.

2. Manual harvesting

Once our apples are ripe, they are hand-picked and carefully harvested. Already at this point the first selection takes place. Damaged fruits are put aside for industrial production and apples suitable for consumption are gently placed in crates.

Then the fruit goes directly to sales or is stored in ULO and KA cold stores at our growers.

3. Careful selection

Freshly delivered from the cold store, the apples go through 32 water channels on an automatic sorting line where they are gently washed and scanned to reject any undersized apples. One by one, the apples are sorted for color and size before being sent to ULO and KA controlled atmosphere cold stores or straight to packing.

4. Packaging & Logistics

When it’s time to sell, our apples go to a 6-track packing line and our employees manually inspect each fruit. The packed apples are checked again by a specialized team of quality controllers so that only the best products reach the customers.

The finished product is transported in refrigerated trucks to keep it fresh for a long time.

5. Quality control

In a specialized laboratory, three times a year, we examine the quality of each variety of apples from our suppliers. Thanks to the cyclic character of such thorough research we are able to guarantee the highest quality and safety of our fruit.

We are also Global GRASP (Global Risk Assessment for Social Practices) certified for our practices in the areas of labor rights, occupational safety and health, and the quality of life and well-being of our people.

All of this makes us a partner you can trust.